Wednesday, February 12, 2014

chic hat girl

Hello everyone,

I bought this new hat and I'm madly in love with it. I've always liked hats and my mum always used to say that I suited hats, even the weirdest ones! I just couldn't actually see it that way, I mean I loved trying hats on in the shops and my mum would say: oh yeah that looks so cool, it suits you! but then I would just be like naaah! Until I actually said to myself: come on you suit these hats, they need to be worn, plus not everyone wears hats so you could be apart. Everyone can wear leather skirts or black booties but not everyone suits hats. So I went along to H&M and bought this one. It's pure wool and I love it, I actually didn't know if I should buy L or M but size M felt a bit tight and made my hair funny around my ears so I opted for L.

Here are a few portrait shots of me and my hat. You'll probably see this hat more often in my future Outfit shoots. I love my haaaat :)

February birchbox '14

Hey everyone,
My February birchbox arrived in the post a few days ago! yay, I'm so excited! I've actually found the time to write this post, I wanted to do this on Sunday evening, but I already had tons of other things to do. Keep reading if you want to discover what's inside my box - a great surprise! (for me anyways). This month I mostly got creams (as you can see), I was expecting a bit more makeup stuff but yeah creams will do for now. I did get this cute little pink bag from the french brand Princesse Tam Tam, it's a underwear/swimwear brand. It's to store your favorite undies when going away but you could use it for anything I guess. I'll probably put my bikini in or something :)

Here's a weird cream I got which actually comes from Japan, so it's a Japanese brand. It actually smells very nice, this small tube can be used on your hands or on your lips. Apparently this little tube of cream is very nourishing for the skin and chapped lips. I haven't actually tried it on my lips yet but it definitely feels nice on my hands.

Ahhhh a beauty & protect brand again! If you read my last months Birchbox (January) I got a beauty & protect leave in conditioner spray and I fell in love with it. Unfortunately it's now finnished, I just couldn't keep my hands off the little magical spray. Good news is I can actually buy it off and the full size woohoo!  That's what's so great about the birchbox, if there's something in your box that you really really like you can order it online in it's normal size. Point is this is a hair oil and it definetly leaves your hair nice and smooth. Now I try not to put too much oily stuff in my hair, if I do it's at the tips of my hair and no where near the roots, oh god no, if I do that my hair just looks all greasy and horrible. 

Eye liner! My liquid liner ran out the other day, and now i'm wondering whether I should get gel eyeliner, I heard it was very good but I'm still undecisive. This one I got in my birchbox is eyeko skinny mini liquid eyeliner, which is not bad, it goes on quite well just the brush is more like the end of a felt tip pen and doesn't really go on in a thin line... it's a bit thick, but great if I don't want a thin line!

Another one of Dr. Hauschka's products. Last month I got a scent for my bath the only problem was that I don't actually have a bath, nor in my apartment in France nor at home in Lux. So i'm saving it for when I go on holiday to a hotel and use it in the bath there! Along with my lush bath bombs (so excited, can't wait to use them!). This is a face cream, and to be completly honest with you, it doesn't smell too nice, it feels like peanut butter spread. It's an okay product but nothing I would go crazy for.

Last of all, Moraz hand cream. This cream is wonderful, it has the whole package: smells nice, feels nice (doesn't leave your hands greasy but smooth) and of course hydrates your hands. A very nice hand cream, I wouldn't buy this product again simply because I love my hand creams from l'Occitane and they are just great! I use them all year long.

There that's all for now my beauties. I hope you enjoyed reading my post and maybe discovered something new to try, or if you also have one of these products than yay us! Don't forget to like, share, and/or follow me if you aren't for more monthly Birchbox posts! Thank you

Kisses -

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

be inspired

"being inspired is the best way to be creative, but being creative and to inspire is even better!" - Lucy Fraser

Hey everyone, 

as you can maybe already tell from my quote, this post will be just about inspirational pictures for you. I picked out these specific pictures all because they were my favorite ones. Notice: the pictures do not belong to me, these were found on weheartit and you can find them on my profile here. You may notice a common style I like and if you haven't already notice, I love everything that is white, pink, fluffy, sparkly and just princess like! I love luxury, fashion, photography accessories and beach snaps! Most of all, i'm obsessively in love with lingerie and Victoria's Secret, I just can't keep my hands off it!

Bisous -

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hey everyone,

today I thought I would share a very healthy drink with you all. It's important to have a healthy lifestyle, not only to stay fit but also because it's good for your health. I know you're all busy working out and going to the gym to get those bikini bods' ready for the summer, in the meantime here is a refreshing healthy drink! Out of all fruit/vegetable juices I've made this is probably my favorite one! Why, just because I think juices with oranges are just so mainstream and common, I love mixing unimaginable fruits and veggies together and creating something crazy delicious! I've been thinking lately and I'm thinking about sharing more healthy recipes and a few "@home work outs" for amazing, toned, sexy bodies. These will all be easy and simple but effective works to do. You can do this every day for 15 - 20 minutes at home plus eat healthy and drink delicious freshly pressed juices to be fit in no time!

My juice today will be:  Icky Green Apple And Celery! (I know this doesn't look too tasty but trust me it is).

Ingredients: (enough for 1 person)
~ six to eight apples (red or green)
~ celery (1 lot)
~ a fruit juicer
~ lemon juice
~ a knife
~ a peeler
~ chopping board
~ bowel to put the apple slices in
~ good mood!

~ peel apples and cut into four slices
~ cut celery sticks into shorter pieces, not too short (about 8cm) and remove the leafy bits
~ put into machine few bits at a time
~ when finished add a lid or table spoon of lemon juice (this stops the juice (apples) from going brown and off) this doesn't mean you can keep the juice for days and weeks!

The amount here is just for a day. If you wish to make more then do so. I just like making small quantities so I can have different juices other days.

Hope this inspired you to drink and eat more healthily. I hope you try out this juice and tell me what you think. Yummy? or Ewwy?

kisses -

Monday, February 3, 2014

My valentine's special

My valentine's special

I not much of a Valentine's Day fan, but this doesn't mean I won't be going out for dinner with my love. Together I put an effortless but seductive look. I own all of these items, so it's a look i'm planning on wearing. I don't own the bobbi brown blush, the mac lipstick, the jewelry nor the jacket but that was just for inspiration. I'm actually hesitant on whether I should wear tights or not, and if so black or lace ones? What do you girls think? Yay or nay?

My valentine's special by ly-fraser featuring black pumps

Boohoo red dress

Boohoo flat top

Oasis tie belt
$140 -

Wolford tight

Pull&Bear black pumps
$43 -

Mango black handbag
$16 -

Tennis bracelet

Silver earrings
$53 -

Topshop necklace


MAC Cosmetics lipstick

Good night February

[picture does not belong to me - find it here]*

Hey everyone.

So as you all OBVIOUSLY know we are now in February..... already!!!
The months are going by so fast we'll soon be blogging about Christmas again!! Oh god no not yet, please, before that we still have 11 months ahead of us and good news is, summer's included! (Yay - I love summer).

I spent my 1st of February celebrating a friend's bachlorette party which by the way was my first. It was great fun! The only thing that I was not looking forward too was how much sleep I was going to get. Knowing me, sleep and I do not get on together at all! I'm always tired no matter what (but that's due to a small stomach problem that I might have) but other than that, I have difficulty falling asleep, always waking up during the night and once awake in the morning I can't fall back asleep! All in all, restless nights and yawning every 2 minutes sums me up! If I were put into a deep sleep for a month, I could wake up and still be tired! Its horrible I know, but what I'm actually trying to point out in this post in relation to my bachlorette party is that I got home around 4:20 am and woke up at 9 am..... that's not even 6 hours sleep (which is considered the minimum). And knowing me of course I can not get back to sleep even though I'm dead tired. Hence today I thought I would share a few tips and tricks for those of you who have restless nights like me and how to make you look up and energetic (20 hours of sleep).

What always makes me feel more serene is a nice cup of tea! I love it, I love it, I love it! I have every flavor you could possibly imagine.
Next a nice warm shower or bath always helps you to relax. So if it's a sunday and you're not planning on going out but planinng to lay in bed all day this is definitely recommended. (Notice: highly relaxing and a definite back to sleep mood maker).

But right now i'm just pin pointing things that will put you back to sleep, I was meant to do the opposite.

 Put two tea spoons in the fridge or freezer for a couple of minutes. When cold, take them out and press them under your eyes (that part where most of us have dark circles and constantly like to conceal). This will help get rid of any swelling. Great for those puffy eyes in the morning.

 Next if you have one of those rollers for tired eyes that's a great help. Or you can put green tea tea bags on your eyes for a couple minutes.

Hydrate your skin: this is key to healthy glowing skin.

 A great day saver for those of you who have had a little too much to drink and need to be up and jumpy: banana milkshake! Cure for nearly everything! Great for hangovers! This will give you all your energy back and restore magnesium! Also gets rid of muscle pains and cramps.

This one is nothing most of you didn't know but of course it does the trick for covering up anything and everything: concealer and makeup! This will definitely be your best friend for the day. But I would only recommend this if you're going out for the day, otherwise you would be better off with a make up "free" day.

It is quite important that you all have one makeup free day a week! Your face and eyes need a rest from all your powders, foundations, creams, mascara, eyeliner and so on. Products strip off the natural oils from your skin just like hair. Oily skin for a day is actually a good thing. But if you cant stand it, like I, I love treating myself to great "at home face masks and scrubs," following up with a face massage and hydration. Doing this twice a week is great for your skin, I just never find the time to do it twice a week so I do it at least once a week and that's on a Sunday! Results: smooth, clear, cared for and glowing skin! I promise you'll all have angelic faces.

I hope my tips have helped and that this post was of use and a pleasure to read. I wish you all the best of luck for February and of course, lots of new posts!

[This is me alright - picture from here]*

Kisses -
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