Wednesday, February 12, 2014

chic hat girl

Hello everyone,

I bought this new hat and I'm madly in love with it. I've always liked hats and my mum always used to say that I suited hats, even the weirdest ones! I just couldn't actually see it that way, I mean I loved trying hats on in the shops and my mum would say: oh yeah that looks so cool, it suits you! but then I would just be like naaah! Until I actually said to myself: come on you suit these hats, they need to be worn, plus not everyone wears hats so you could be apart. Everyone can wear leather skirts or black booties but not everyone suits hats. So I went along to H&M and bought this one. It's pure wool and I love it, I actually didn't know if I should buy L or M but size M felt a bit tight and made my hair funny around my ears so I opted for L.

Here are a few portrait shots of me and my hat. You'll probably see this hat more often in my future Outfit shoots. I love my haaaat :)

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