Saturday, March 15, 2014

Effortless beachy bed head

Hey everyone,

Want to know how I got this quick effortless no heat beach hair? Simply by using L'Oreal studio line #TXT06 wave creating spray. I was quite curious and wanted to test this out, it's actually quite similar to salt spray and definitely gives you an effortless beach / bed head hair style. There's actually multiple ways to use this. The first way ( which is the actually instructed way on the back of the bottle) is to apply this on damp hair, twist a strand around your finger and dry. Now I found this way the less effective, plus it takes forever to dry you hair if you have to do strand by strand.

I have two different ways for doing this and to acheive the actual look! 
My first step is to apply this on damp hair at night and then crunch it alot, then just let your hair air dry and you'll have real beach waves bed head hair. You can also braid your hair for more defined waves. You can also twist it into a bun and tie it at night so in the morning you have big hair, but I wouldn't recommend the bun. It get's quite messy, especially if you have thin hair.

My second step is to apply the spray on dry hair, and then just crunch with your hands. I find it best to crunch your hair and hold for a couple of seconds. This is especially if you forget to do it the night before while your hair was still wet. And there you have it! Beach bed head hair.

For a more honest opinion, your hair will not create natural defined curls, but more waves. It's an ok product. I actually like using it but not too often as I find it dries your hair out! My best way to apply this is probably at night once I've showered, I apply it on damp hair and then I keep crunching from time to time. In the morning your hair will look fab-u-lous!

xox Lucy

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The perfect nude - March

Hey everyone.

  I got a new lipstick today and though I might share a small & quick review with you all. So as I was out shopping today, I was looking through the Rimmel lipsticks and made a marvelous discovery. I've been looking for a nude colored lipstick for a while now, but I just couldn't quite find THE one. Now I won't say this is THE one but it's definitely one that I really like and definitely would wear everyday! It's most certainly an everyday nude lipstick, so girls, if you're looking for a nude lipstick as such this is it: The Rimmel 720 Notting Hill Nude.
I've had Rimmel lipglosses before but never a lipstick and I must say I'm quite astonished. The texture of the lipstick is so so soft & soo creamy, this really goes on smoothly & nicely on your lips. I enjoy applying this lipstick so I'm always looking forward to when I have to reapply: it just feels so nice. I must admit though, the lipstick doesn't last long... I mean it doesn't last all day, but it will last a few hours. It is a nude lipstick, so this will obviously fade away faster than a dark red!
Any hoo, love this lipstick and I will without a doubt be looking into more colors of this brand. Can't wait to discover new beautiful colors, especially that spring and summer is on its way!

Here a two lipswatches so you can see what it looks like on lips.

Do you have any Rimmel lipsticks? If so which ones and which ones would you recommend?


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Claire's face mask 5er pack

Hey girls!

I bought this face mask pack of 5 from Claire's last week. This post is more a fun activity thing and also me benefiting of these fruity face masks. I thought I would give them all a try, as one would do, and share my thoughts and remarks on the masks. You've probably come across these masks online or in Claire's. I've always looked at them and they always seemed fun because of the packaging and titles some of them had. I mean come on, a chocolate face mask, how cool does that sound? Unfortunately my 5 pack of face masks doesn't have a chocolate one. The pack is just filled with fruit based ones, which sounds fun and I'm sure will smell amazing!!

Mask number 1: Passion peel off - deep cleanse, purify and protect

When I applied this mask to my face it was actually quite funny at first because it was all jelly like texture, but then my eyes started to get all watery, the mask was having an onion effect. You know when you cut an onion your eyes start to water well this was the same feeling. But I also think it's because I put the mask too near my eyes. What I also noticed was the mask gave a kind of cool effect on your skin which was kind of weird but I liked it. Good side was that the mask smelt wonderful!! On the back of the packet it said to wait up to 15 to 20 minutes, but I had to wait a bit longer as the mask wasn't completely dry.

The peeling off part: Oh god, some places it felt really nice, like over my eyes, forehead and nose but near my temples and ears that hurt a lot, probably because I was pulling tiny hairs off too!! Oh and don't get it too close to your eyebrows, I did, but I didn't end up pulling eyebrow hairs out so that was cool.

Results: Nice smooth skin like a baby's bottom. Yes I said it. My face felt so fresh and smooth, it was really a "agreable" feeling as the french would say.

In this picture it looks like i'm pulling off my tan or something

Keep coming back to see my updates on the other 4 remaining masks for more fun!

see you soon!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lipstick Haul

Hey everyone,

Today I'll be sharing my lipstick collection. My collection isn't complete but these are my favorite ones and the only ones I had present with me in my apartment today. I have quite a few more at home in my hometown, but I'm not missing too many.

I know how hard it is to find the perfect shade, especially if you're buying lisptick online. There are no good valuable swatches to actually see what the lipstick looks like on one's lips, so I thought I would share my collection and lip swatches! Enjoy!

My lipsticks are:
  • NYX round: marrakesh pink, Strawberry milk, Narcissus, Indian pink
             matte: Hippie chic
  • Paul & Joe: n°202
  • Sephora: little treat, lip attitude, n°3162B
  • ModelCO - party proof matte lipstick: Red Velvet
  • Bareminerals - marvelous moxie: Get ready
  • Urban Decay: Shame

NYX collection

Monday, March 3, 2014

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