Friday, April 11, 2014

Summer Ready? Yes I am!

Hellooo everyone!

Spring is here and summer is on it's way & what does that mean? Yeees!! Loads of new outfits, plus I love summer, I have so so so much more summer clothes than winter clothes! I just love summer, everyone is happy, it's bright, warm, nice cocktail drinks, long nights out, beach days, holidays and just lots of good memories! In winter everything is just so dark and gloomy and I am definitely not that kind of person! I'm a bubbly, bright, happy, warm person! 

My order from Tobi just came in and I'm just so excited to share what I got with you all! As you all probably know, crops and florals are in season this year. So yes I went with the flow and got a few crops! 

In the beginning I wasn't too keen on crop tops because if you don't wear it right it can look trashy! So here is a quick tip on how to wear crops properly by not looking trashy but classy!


TRASHY: don't wear a crop top with low waist shorts or trousers. You don't want to expose too much skin, you might give off the wrong impression if you know what I mean. Remember, less is more! (I know this mostly applies for makeup but I think it applies nearly for everything).

CLASSY: fitted crop with a high wasted skater skirt looks gorgeous, or nice high waist flowy shorts. This look always looks good. You don't want to wear a fitted crop with a fitted mini skirt, again you're exposing way too much here, the curves, the skin, too much! A little skin between the top and bottom is nice, it also gives a mysterious look.

TRASHY: don't wear crops with leggings or baggy pants, that's a BIG no no! It just looks ridiculous and isn't a good look. A loose crop and loose pants makes you look like a sac of potatoes so just DON'T!

CLASSY: the very popular co ords. are very IN this season too! Such as the floral crop with the matching floral skirt. This is a very elegant look and will almost suit every girl out there. The co ordinates are most certainly getting a thumbs up from me!

That's all of my advice to you for now! Here are a few pictures of the orders I received so far. More of these lovely posts will be coming up soon! Make sure to follow me on LookBook because I'll be posting a lot more often on there now, especially as I am counting on taking lots and lots of new outfit pictures.

I love pastel colours, especially because I find pastel and light colours are what suit me best. I have a bright pastel pink circle skirt from boohoo on it's way and two more crop tops one black and white from NewYorker at home. I also bought some fabric to make my own crop tops and attempt to make a twisted skirt in pink like the one I'm wearing bellow in black.

~ wonder floral crop top ~ floral shorts ~

~ cardigan from H&M ~

~ twisted skirt ~

Lucy x

Messy up do's - HeyLovely ♡

Hey everyone,

here's a quick video on a couple of my favorite messy up and down do's. Don't forget to give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video & subscribe. This is my new YouTube channel guys. Love and support would be much appreciated.

Sorry about the quality, I filmed this on my laptop, for some reason my phone videos aren't recognized. But I will be getting a new bridge camera soon for my birthday in a month. So bare with me for a few more videos before the good quality ones come out! Thank you for comprehending.

~ xox ~

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Just Casual

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