Saturday, March 15, 2014

Effortless beachy bed head

Hey everyone,

Want to know how I got this quick effortless no heat beach hair? Simply by using L'Oreal studio line #TXT06 wave creating spray. I was quite curious and wanted to test this out, it's actually quite similar to salt spray and definitely gives you an effortless beach / bed head hair style. There's actually multiple ways to use this. The first way ( which is the actually instructed way on the back of the bottle) is to apply this on damp hair, twist a strand around your finger and dry. Now I found this way the less effective, plus it takes forever to dry you hair if you have to do strand by strand.

I have two different ways for doing this and to acheive the actual look! 
My first step is to apply this on damp hair at night and then crunch it alot, then just let your hair air dry and you'll have real beach waves bed head hair. You can also braid your hair for more defined waves. You can also twist it into a bun and tie it at night so in the morning you have big hair, but I wouldn't recommend the bun. It get's quite messy, especially if you have thin hair.

My second step is to apply the spray on dry hair, and then just crunch with your hands. I find it best to crunch your hair and hold for a couple of seconds. This is especially if you forget to do it the night before while your hair was still wet. And there you have it! Beach bed head hair.

For a more honest opinion, your hair will not create natural defined curls, but more waves. It's an ok product. I actually like using it but not too often as I find it dries your hair out! My best way to apply this is probably at night once I've showered, I apply it on damp hair and then I keep crunching from time to time. In the morning your hair will look fab-u-lous!

xox Lucy
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