Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The perfect nude - March

Hey everyone.

  I got a new lipstick today and though I might share a small & quick review with you all. So as I was out shopping today, I was looking through the Rimmel lipsticks and made a marvelous discovery. I've been looking for a nude colored lipstick for a while now, but I just couldn't quite find THE one. Now I won't say this is THE one but it's definitely one that I really like and definitely would wear everyday! It's most certainly an everyday nude lipstick, so girls, if you're looking for a nude lipstick as such this is it: The Rimmel 720 Notting Hill Nude.
I've had Rimmel lipglosses before but never a lipstick and I must say I'm quite astonished. The texture of the lipstick is so so soft & soo creamy, this really goes on smoothly & nicely on your lips. I enjoy applying this lipstick so I'm always looking forward to when I have to reapply: it just feels so nice. I must admit though, the lipstick doesn't last long... I mean it doesn't last all day, but it will last a few hours. It is a nude lipstick, so this will obviously fade away faster than a dark red!
Any hoo, love this lipstick and I will without a doubt be looking into more colors of this brand. Can't wait to discover new beautiful colors, especially that spring and summer is on its way!

Here a two lipswatches so you can see what it looks like on lips.

Do you have any Rimmel lipsticks? If so which ones and which ones would you recommend?

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