Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Claire's face mask 5er pack

Hey girls!

I bought this face mask pack of 5 from Claire's last week. This post is more a fun activity thing and also me benefiting of these fruity face masks. I thought I would give them all a try, as one would do, and share my thoughts and remarks on the masks. You've probably come across these masks online or in Claire's. I've always looked at them and they always seemed fun because of the packaging and titles some of them had. I mean come on, a chocolate face mask, how cool does that sound? Unfortunately my 5 pack of face masks doesn't have a chocolate one. The pack is just filled with fruit based ones, which sounds fun and I'm sure will smell amazing!!

Mask number 1: Passion peel off - deep cleanse, purify and protect

When I applied this mask to my face it was actually quite funny at first because it was all jelly like texture, but then my eyes started to get all watery, the mask was having an onion effect. You know when you cut an onion your eyes start to water well this was the same feeling. But I also think it's because I put the mask too near my eyes. What I also noticed was the mask gave a kind of cool effect on your skin which was kind of weird but I liked it. Good side was that the mask smelt wonderful!! On the back of the packet it said to wait up to 15 to 20 minutes, but I had to wait a bit longer as the mask wasn't completely dry.

The peeling off part: Oh god, some places it felt really nice, like over my eyes, forehead and nose but near my temples and ears that hurt a lot, probably because I was pulling tiny hairs off too!! Oh and don't get it too close to your eyebrows, I did, but I didn't end up pulling eyebrow hairs out so that was cool.

Results: Nice smooth skin like a baby's bottom. Yes I said it. My face felt so fresh and smooth, it was really a "agreable" feeling as the french would say.

In this picture it looks like i'm pulling off my tan or something

Keep coming back to see my updates on the other 4 remaining masks for more fun!

see you soon!
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