Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February birchbox '14

Hey everyone,
My February birchbox arrived in the post a few days ago! yay, I'm so excited! I've actually found the time to write this post, I wanted to do this on Sunday evening, but I already had tons of other things to do. Keep reading if you want to discover what's inside my box - a great surprise! (for me anyways). This month I mostly got creams (as you can see), I was expecting a bit more makeup stuff but yeah creams will do for now. I did get this cute little pink bag from the french brand Princesse Tam Tam, it's a underwear/swimwear brand. It's to store your favorite undies when going away but you could use it for anything I guess. I'll probably put my bikini in or something :)

Here's a weird cream I got which actually comes from Japan, so it's a Japanese brand. It actually smells very nice, this small tube can be used on your hands or on your lips. Apparently this little tube of cream is very nourishing for the skin and chapped lips. I haven't actually tried it on my lips yet but it definitely feels nice on my hands.

Ahhhh a beauty & protect brand again! If you read my last months Birchbox (January) I got a beauty & protect leave in conditioner spray and I fell in love with it. Unfortunately it's now finnished, I just couldn't keep my hands off the little magical spray. Good news is I can actually buy it off and the full size woohoo!  That's what's so great about the birchbox, if there's something in your box that you really really like you can order it online in it's normal size. Point is this is a hair oil and it definetly leaves your hair nice and smooth. Now I try not to put too much oily stuff in my hair, if I do it's at the tips of my hair and no where near the roots, oh god no, if I do that my hair just looks all greasy and horrible. 

Eye liner! My liquid liner ran out the other day, and now i'm wondering whether I should get gel eyeliner, I heard it was very good but I'm still undecisive. This one I got in my birchbox is eyeko skinny mini liquid eyeliner, which is not bad, it goes on quite well just the brush is more like the end of a felt tip pen and doesn't really go on in a thin line... it's a bit thick, but great if I don't want a thin line!

Another one of Dr. Hauschka's products. Last month I got a scent for my bath the only problem was that I don't actually have a bath, nor in my apartment in France nor at home in Lux. So i'm saving it for when I go on holiday to a hotel and use it in the bath there! Along with my lush bath bombs (so excited, can't wait to use them!). This is a face cream, and to be completly honest with you, it doesn't smell too nice, it feels like peanut butter spread. It's an okay product but nothing I would go crazy for.

Last of all, Moraz hand cream. This cream is wonderful, it has the whole package: smells nice, feels nice (doesn't leave your hands greasy but smooth) and of course hydrates your hands. A very nice hand cream, I wouldn't buy this product again simply because I love my hand creams from l'Occitane and they are just great! I use them all year long.

There that's all for now my beauties. I hope you enjoyed reading my post and maybe discovered something new to try, or if you also have one of these products than yay us! Don't forget to like, share, and/or follow me if you aren't for more monthly Birchbox posts! Thank you

Kisses -
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