Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hey everyone,

today I thought I would share a very healthy drink with you all. It's important to have a healthy lifestyle, not only to stay fit but also because it's good for your health. I know you're all busy working out and going to the gym to get those bikini bods' ready for the summer, in the meantime here is a refreshing healthy drink! Out of all fruit/vegetable juices I've made this is probably my favorite one! Why, just because I think juices with oranges are just so mainstream and common, I love mixing unimaginable fruits and veggies together and creating something crazy delicious! I've been thinking lately and I'm thinking about sharing more healthy recipes and a few "@home work outs" for amazing, toned, sexy bodies. These will all be easy and simple but effective works to do. You can do this every day for 15 - 20 minutes at home plus eat healthy and drink delicious freshly pressed juices to be fit in no time!

My juice today will be:  Icky Green Apple And Celery! (I know this doesn't look too tasty but trust me it is).

Ingredients: (enough for 1 person)
~ six to eight apples (red or green)
~ celery (1 lot)
~ a fruit juicer
~ lemon juice
~ a knife
~ a peeler
~ chopping board
~ bowel to put the apple slices in
~ good mood!

~ peel apples and cut into four slices
~ cut celery sticks into shorter pieces, not too short (about 8cm) and remove the leafy bits
~ put into machine few bits at a time
~ when finished add a lid or table spoon of lemon juice (this stops the juice (apples) from going brown and off) this doesn't mean you can keep the juice for days and weeks!

The amount here is just for a day. If you wish to make more then do so. I just like making small quantities so I can have different juices other days.

Hope this inspired you to drink and eat more healthily. I hope you try out this juice and tell me what you think. Yummy? or Ewwy?

kisses -

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