Monday, February 3, 2014

Good night February

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Hey everyone.

So as you all OBVIOUSLY know we are now in February..... already!!!
The months are going by so fast we'll soon be blogging about Christmas again!! Oh god no not yet, please, before that we still have 11 months ahead of us and good news is, summer's included! (Yay - I love summer).

I spent my 1st of February celebrating a friend's bachlorette party which by the way was my first. It was great fun! The only thing that I was not looking forward too was how much sleep I was going to get. Knowing me, sleep and I do not get on together at all! I'm always tired no matter what (but that's due to a small stomach problem that I might have) but other than that, I have difficulty falling asleep, always waking up during the night and once awake in the morning I can't fall back asleep! All in all, restless nights and yawning every 2 minutes sums me up! If I were put into a deep sleep for a month, I could wake up and still be tired! Its horrible I know, but what I'm actually trying to point out in this post in relation to my bachlorette party is that I got home around 4:20 am and woke up at 9 am..... that's not even 6 hours sleep (which is considered the minimum). And knowing me of course I can not get back to sleep even though I'm dead tired. Hence today I thought I would share a few tips and tricks for those of you who have restless nights like me and how to make you look up and energetic (20 hours of sleep).

What always makes me feel more serene is a nice cup of tea! I love it, I love it, I love it! I have every flavor you could possibly imagine.
Next a nice warm shower or bath always helps you to relax. So if it's a sunday and you're not planning on going out but planinng to lay in bed all day this is definitely recommended. (Notice: highly relaxing and a definite back to sleep mood maker).

But right now i'm just pin pointing things that will put you back to sleep, I was meant to do the opposite.

 Put two tea spoons in the fridge or freezer for a couple of minutes. When cold, take them out and press them under your eyes (that part where most of us have dark circles and constantly like to conceal). This will help get rid of any swelling. Great for those puffy eyes in the morning.

 Next if you have one of those rollers for tired eyes that's a great help. Or you can put green tea tea bags on your eyes for a couple minutes.

Hydrate your skin: this is key to healthy glowing skin.

 A great day saver for those of you who have had a little too much to drink and need to be up and jumpy: banana milkshake! Cure for nearly everything! Great for hangovers! This will give you all your energy back and restore magnesium! Also gets rid of muscle pains and cramps.

This one is nothing most of you didn't know but of course it does the trick for covering up anything and everything: concealer and makeup! This will definitely be your best friend for the day. But I would only recommend this if you're going out for the day, otherwise you would be better off with a make up "free" day.

It is quite important that you all have one makeup free day a week! Your face and eyes need a rest from all your powders, foundations, creams, mascara, eyeliner and so on. Products strip off the natural oils from your skin just like hair. Oily skin for a day is actually a good thing. But if you cant stand it, like I, I love treating myself to great "at home face masks and scrubs," following up with a face massage and hydration. Doing this twice a week is great for your skin, I just never find the time to do it twice a week so I do it at least once a week and that's on a Sunday! Results: smooth, clear, cared for and glowing skin! I promise you'll all have angelic faces.

I hope my tips have helped and that this post was of use and a pleasure to read. I wish you all the best of luck for February and of course, lots of new posts!

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Kisses -
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