Tuesday, January 7, 2014

YSL - every girl has her "the one" lisptick ❤

I have found my "the one" lipstick plus I got a 10% reduction lucky me! I just wanted to point out something special that means a lot to me... over a 1000 views on my blog! Wow thank you girls, this is truly amazing, I never thought I would attract any viewers at all to be honest. I'm very excited and even more to write more beauty posts. This is very motivating. 

Back to my post! I have found my lip wonder! This is lipgasm, lip heaven (laughing), oh I do come up with really weird words sometimes. Yes it's Yves Saint Laurent ROUGE PUR COUTURE vernis à lèvres - glossy stain - 1 violet edition (out of breath). Well that was quite a long description.

My first impressions:
  • Goes on quite glossy and softly
  • Lasts a very long time - quite hard to rub off ( I tried rubbing the swatch off my hand after a few minutes of being there and to be honest it was quite a task, even with my makeup remover tissue it didn't come off completely so there's proof it's quite long lasting)
  • The gloss might disappear after a while but the color stays on the whole day! (approx 8 hours)
  • Doesn't quite hydrate lips, but remember to do that before applying your lipstick

Lip swatch

All in all I'm very proud of my purchase, it costs 39,99€ here in Europe but I got 10% off - thank you Sephora! If you've figured, you can find this lipstick in Sephora.
I can also add that i'm thinking of buying other colors in this specific brand and edition, they are just amazing and are definitely worth the price. Great quality for a high price. Sometimes expensive products are not worth the price but this one isn't one of those ones.
This lipstick gets cycybeauty's stamp of approval (laughing). If you girls are looking for a new lipstick to try, this baby is the one. I hope this post was of help and use to you.

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