Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What's in my makeup bag January 2014 ❤

What's in my makeup bag you ask? Well let's have a little look then girls.

A detailed post on what's in my makeup bag this January 2014 with my product of the month!
I nearly always use the same face makeup for quite a while so that might not change, what mostly changes are the eye shadows, mascaras and lipsticks. Keep on reading and dive into my makeup bag with me.

#1 - BareMinerals 9 piece starter kit - Face
price: 43€ (sale price)

#2 - Dior brow pencil in brown
price: Wow to be honest no idea I've had this for years!
#3 - Sephora liquid eyeliner 
price: 10€ -ish

#4 - YSL vernis à lèvres in 01 violet edition
price: 39.99€ original price (I got 10% off)
#5 - Sephora nano lip pencil - pleasant plum
price: 4.60€

#6 - Too Faced eye primer
price: ???
#7 - Sephora eye shadows in (left - N42 Strawberry macaroon (matte)) (right - N43 smell of roses (glittery) )
price: 11.60€ each
#8 - MAC eye shadows in (top - woodwinked) (bottom - honey lust)
price: 16€ each
#9 - Sephora eye highlighter pencil in
price: can't remember but no more than 10€

#10 - L'oréal paris faux cils papillon (butterfly eyelashes) mascara
price: can't quite remember either but around 10-20€

There you have it girls, my top products for January 2014. Can you guess which product is my product of the month?
Find out at the end of the month (wink).

Thank you for your time and support my lovelies.

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