Monday, January 6, 2014

Sexy cat eyes ❤

Girls, whether you believe me or not, I'm being completely honest with yous here, no jokes, but in this picture this was my very first attempt at cat eye eyeliner! After watching a very inspiring video from <<pin up beauty>> I decided to finally give this a go. I've always wanted those sexy elongated eyes but I never thought that it would suit me no more than if I was even able to do it!

I've already tried shorter winged eyes: Cleopatra style, but it was always a terrible mess. Now I've finally achieved this pretty look, with a bit *cough* a lot *cough* of concentration and a steady hand! It was a bit hard to get the eyeliner symmetrical but it looks more or less the same. Even if it's not 100% symmetrical that doesn't matter because your eyes aren't 100% symmetrical either. Nobody will be up against your face with a magnifying glass checking if your lines are the same, so don't worry if one side is a little different to the other. But you're going to want to get as close as symmetrical as possible. You don't want one going up and the other down!

As a first timer I think I did quite a good job and I can say that I'm proud of myself. I deserve a pat on the back (smiling). I'm sure though that with a few more attempts at creating this look I will only get better as practice makes perfect. I'm not saying that some times I won't mess up, because knowing me, I know on bad makeup days just like bad hair days, nothing will work the way I want it to. But hey, it's not the end of the world.

Here's a little tutorial on how to create cat eyeliner:

First I applied a neutral colour eye shadow all over my eye lid and then with a darker shade a went in at my crease buffing it evenly out a bit at the outer corner of my eye.

• start off with liquid eye-liner or gel eye-liner with an angled brush on the outer side of your eye, on the top lash line

• next create your wing. Make sure to go a little up towards the end of your eyebrow. (Important: your line must always be in the same angel of the tip of your eye to the end of your eyebrow)

• now bring this back in by brushing in the other way

• fill in your wing - gradually make the wing thick to thin

• you can then also go a little more in to the inner corner of your eye or just leave it mid way

• with powder eyeliner or pencil don't forget to do your lower outer lash line

• to finish off your look apply your mascara

Do you want a video tutorial on this girls? Comment if yes! 
Thanks for your time my lovelies. Hope you liked this post.

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