Monday, January 6, 2014

Crazy wavy hair tutorial ❤

I love curly/wavy/defined hair. Sure I love my straight hair... from time to time, but I just love big curls or nice waves. It just makes me feel more complete. I find that big, sexy hair looks more feminine and classy. If you don't agree with me that's OK, everyone is entitled to their own opinion - straight looks better than curly fine by me, if that's what you think. We are all allowed to have different opinions and we are all entitled to accept them.

Today I'll be sharing a quick and easy tutorial on how to get small waves in your hair.

First of all you're going to want to braid your hair - either one braid at the back of your head or two side braids! As you wish. (I had to put an elastic at the middle of my braid because my hair is quite layered, hence a braid in a braid.)

Then with your straighteners you will be gently heating your braid so that your hair will take this shape when you undo your braid. You'll want to do this for a few minutes, just gently pressing your straighteners on the braid, like a sandwich.

After you've done this step you can spray some hairspray on your braid. You can then undo it and voila! Gorgeous wavy hair. This look is ideal for a day at the beach, but you can also do this for a night out. This kind of hairstyle kind of reminds me of Greek goddesses's hair! Haha ok so I don't know how that came in to my mind, just thought I would share it.
Another great way to achieve wavy hair is by braiding your hair at night after a shower. You'll get tighter waves. I like doing this the fast way because if I braid my hair at night whilst it's still wet without blow drying, my hair is just going to be dead flat in the morning!
You can also braid at night with your hair dry and get cute waves in the morning, so there's quite a few possibilities here.

Hope you enjoyed this small tutorial!

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