Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Awesome Cosmetics - MAC ❤

I know MAC doesn't actually stand for My Awesome Cosmetics but I just came up with that for a post title and I thought it was pretty cool! I'm writing this post at 1am so I might come up with random awesome stuff!

I imagine you've already guessed what this post is about! That's right a MAC review! My two eyeshadows came in the post today and I just couldn't wait to review them so here we are!!

I ordered "woodwinked" (left) and "honeylust" (right).

First Impressions:
My first impressions of these two eyeshadow shades were that the colour looked quite similar but they are actually pretty different once you've applied them on your skin. 
I also found the eyeshadows very creamy! I apply these on my eyelids using my pinky finger and sometimes a brush depending on where I'm applying the product. The two shades go on quite well and I'm very pleased with these two! I think I'll be buying a more lighter pinker shade next time!

Swatches: top - Woodwinked. Bottom - Honey Lust.

They're very nice colours for a daytime look and for an evening look so there's a win-win here! 
If you girls are looking for new bronzy shimmer looks, these two eyeshadows are the ones for you!

Next MAC product I have is this glitter highlighter for your face called "honey rose." This gives a nice glow to your cheeks! 

When applying make sure not to put too much on or you'll shine like the moon. I also noticed when applying this it goes on and feels wet like! Which I find pretty soothing to be honest.

Use this with moderation!! And only apply up on your cheek bones very lightly! I must warn you this product is very shimmery so you don't want too much.

To be totally honest with you girls I rarely use this. I use it just when I want a nice glow or when I'm going out.

This is definitely a product I would recommend!

I'm thinking about buying a lipstick from MAC next... Which ones would you girls recommend? Which are the best candy pink lipsticks? And which one is the best dark colored lipstick? 

Hope you enjoyed reading my post! See you soon.

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