Thursday, December 26, 2013


Hello my beauties. This post will be a small picture tutorial on a naked cat-eye eye makeup. I've created this look just because I love having natural eye shadow on but also because I like a natural look that shows I still have something on. Black is just a little to hard looking for during the day so I'll be using lighter naked shades.

This is a good look for small almond shaped eyes like me it will really help elongate the eyes and widen them a little.

Step 1: Apply base primer all over your eye lid

Step 2: Apply Venus all over your eye lid
Step 3: Apply Foxy on your brow bone
Step 5: Cut a small piece of sticky tape and stick it at the outer corner of your eye so that this aligns with the end of your eyebrow
Step 6: Apply naked 2 on the outer corner of your eye and in your crease to about the middle of your eye
Step 7: Apply a little of Faint on top of where you've just applied naked 2. Not too much otherwise this will go on quite dark, you want to keep a natural look.

Step 8: Take Venus again and blend in.
Step 9: When you think your done take the sticky tape off.
Step 10: Then take Naked 2 and complete your look by joining the outer corner of your eye to the bottom lash line. Don't go too far in.

Step 11: Apply your eye liner and mascara as you wish. I usually take the color shown in the picture below and go over my upper lash line and a little on my lower lash line. I prefer to use eye shadow as this is less harsh on my eyes than black pencil/liquid eye liner.

And voila your naked cat-eye eye makeup!

(Sorry about this one eye picture, I did this quite late at night so I had no makeup on or anything. I will post better pictures in the morning)

I hope you enjoyed this post and love to hear from you girls soon!

xoxo   cycybeauty

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