Thursday, December 26, 2013

Superstar hair ❤

Hello my lovelies, first of all I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful day, received beautiful gifts and that your desires were fulfilled. I know mine were! My boyfriend bought us a trip to Ireland, I just can't wait. Irish coffee and Guinness here we come :)

Anyways back to blogging girls. Today's post will be a review on a little, magical lotion that transforms your hair into a superstar blow dry! Have any of you guessed what it could be? No? OK and if I said: Bedhead? Yes? You guessed it, it's TIGI bedhead's superstar blow dry lotion for massive thick hair!

Are you someone with thin, straight and flat hair like me? I love my straight hair but not when it looks like I've glued it to my head. I like a little lift and bedhead's Superstar blow dry lotion does just the trick. This product definitely lifts your hair and gives a bit more massiveness. If you're familiar with this product then you know what I'm on about. Any girl with flat thin hair can use this, if you're just going to leave your hair straight or even if you're going to curl it and desire a bit more volume. Girls with curly hair can use this too, it will beyond and doubt give a boost if that's what you want.

How much to apply? The trick is, like in makeup and anything else, less is more! My hair is quite thin but I do have a lot of hair. The length is about down to my mid back... I don't know if people with longer or shorter hair would like to apply more than 3-6 drops, but you will only be applying it to the roots of your hair, so the length doesn't really matter. I usually put 4 drops but 6 is fine too.
When doing my Grandma's hair (very short hair) I still apply about 4 to 6 drops and this does the job fine for volume. If you think that isn't enough you're free to add more. The lotion is quite liquid and sticky like so it spreads easily.
You're going to want to apply this lotion to your towel dried hair before blow drying. After that just dry your hair like you always do and admire the massiveness!

I hope I've helped you find beauty products girls, for those of you who are looking for more thickness and massiveness, this product is your best friend! I doubtlessly recommend this product to straight, flat haired girls, you curly girls are also welcome to use it :) There's no restriction and no hair type who can use this product only, every type of hair is good to go for this product.

For those of you who can't find some of the products I review or you wish to buy them cheaper, go on beautybay and you will find everything you need! The products are definitely cheaper by at least 10%!! Hope this helped!

I wish you all the best cuties!

xoxo   cycybeauty
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