Friday, December 13, 2013

make them look delicious - lipstick craze ❤

Don't you just love applying lipstick or lipgloss? I do! Today I thought that I would share my lipstick of the month! YES December lips!

It's that time of the year AGAIN, yes it's December, gloomy, dark, cold December (unless you don't live in Europe it's probably not gloomy, dark and cold). Well it may be dark but it's wonderful, illuminated and white too! I love christmas time: presents, hot wine, diner parties and parties in general! delicious meals, family, snow... I love christmas - I hate winter though! I'm difficult I know but I know what I like!

Let's get to the point! Have you been looking for the right december lipstick colour? Yes? Well so have I and I finally found it! Drum roll please....

                            ....Urban Decay's "SHAME" lipstick is my perfect match!

This colour is a nice dark red/burgundy colour and it looks amazing with just about any outfit for any event! When I found this colour in the shop I was just so excited and when I tried it on a got even more excited because it looked amazing on my lips. I was so happy to have finally found a dark red/burgundy colour.

Sometimes it's so challenging to find the perfect colour for your lips and you wonder if it will look good on you considering your skin tone and hair colour. Different skin tones and hair colours can effect the different colored lipstick on your lips or your friends lips - the same colour make look gorgeous on your friend but horrible on you. This plays a major role, some girls just won't suit those delicious candy pink , hot pink/orange, or even bright red colours (like me)!

I can go for all the pink, nude, dark red, purpl-ish tones! If you want to know which colours are best suited for you click here and/or here (l'oréal privee) to find out! You can find many other quizzes online that will give you your colour chart.

Good luck in finding the perfect colour girls! Remember you can always ask for some advice in the store!

xoxo cycybeauty❤
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