Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Let's go into Lush! The candy shop? No it's cosmetics ❤

Two words: LUSH LOVER!! The moment I first walked in the store I was love struck! Like love at first sight. A mix of aromas filling the room, colorful candy looking soap bars and pots! Oh i'm just so excited talking about it :)

Were you someone who always thought at first that it was some kind of food store? because I did until one day I had a closer look! I couldn't believe my eyes, it was like walking on clouds and you could actually get candy to eat in the store among the soaps, at first I wasn't sure what was candy and what wasn't.

My first buy from Lush was a lip scrub called ''lèvres de fée''  in french (bubblegum in English). I still have it now and it lasts forever. It's such an intelligent invention, yeah body scrubs but who would of thought of a lip scrub? It's just THE perfect beauty product for me. I tend to nibble at my lips when they're dry and always end up ripping the skin off which is a horrible horrible habit I know. But thanks to lush's lip scrub, I quickly apply this to my lips, rub with my finger if they're really chapped or just rub my lips together and apply a lip balm. The good thing about this scrub is that you can lick it and it tastes delicious! (it's made of sugar and flavoring).

Lip scrub - ''Bubblegum''
Remember girls, it's important to moisturize your lips just as much as your face any time of the day and most definitely after scrubbing! This lip scrub leaves your lips fresh and baby new ready to kiss your boyfriend softly all day long, I find it also gives your lips a little color and plump due to the blood rush :)

With the lip scrub a received a tester - a massaging soap bar which melted so nicely on your skin as you rubbed it anywhere you wanted. The soap gave of a wonderful smell and oily residue, it also left your skin warm - it was called ''chauffe moi'' in french.. in English it's ''Hottie.'' This was definitely worth a buy!

Then I bought a face wash called ''Angels on bare skin...'' again a delicious smell of lavender. This too leaves your face nice and smooth, reduces blemishes and pops your freckles out more! ;) I adore this product because in winter most of my freckles disappear and I really miss them, so it's nice to see them at this time of the year.
Face wash - ''Angels On Bare Skin''

I also bought a shampoo bar and no jokes but the bar is a MIRACLE. I definitely saw a difference, my hair was growing faster.. but not much thicker. I do have thin hair but I have a lot of it, so I've quite a mass of hair! In french this soap bar is called ''pousse plus vite'' which translates to ''grow faster'' in English but the actual name for this shampoo bar is just ''new.''
Shampoo bar - ''New''
I did notice that the bar leaves your hair quite dry so make sure to condition your hair after using this either with one of lush's conditioners or your own. I bought one soap bar and it has lasted me longer than a shampoo bottle. I don't use it every day though, I use it every other day ( 3 - 4 times a week). I definitely recommend this shampoo to girls who wish to have longer hair faster!

Well that's all for now. I will definitely be going to Lush soon for more products. So far I've been pleased with every single product and I definitely recommend this brand! If you have no idea what it is, just go along to the store one day and the shop keepers will offer to show you how something works. It will be great fun and i'm sure you won't leave empty handed! Good luck!

xoxo      cycybeauty
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