Monday, December 16, 2013

My little piece of crazy happiness ❤

My beauties, this post is a little different to the others and a bit off topic but I just think I would share my little wonder with you and I also think if you're looking for something new and fun - this little toy is the best thing for you (that's if you love photography of course). The fujifilm instax mini 8 in pink is one of my highlights of the year!

I bought this little beauty on amazon for not too expensive actually, I got it for 60£. I heard in some shops they sell it for over a 100£ so you definitely don't want to do that. Amazon is the best place to get it for cheaper and I got a gift bundle for 40 shots for 10£ more!

 A few pictures of the unboxing of my baby toy camera.

This camera is amazing. I've always wanted a camera like this, when I was younger I just thought it was so cool to take a picture and then it would come out instantly... now I own one :) these are so awesome they're so old school and one day when I show my kids, it probably won't even exist anymore with all these new high tech digital touch camera etc etc!
This is great when you're with friends, snap a few memorable photos, at the beach, a gorgeous sunset, a cute selfie with you're other half. My friends just can't keep they're hands off it, I keep telling them to get their own.. Yes meany but here's why, the films of the camera are pretty pricey in stores but you can get them for less on amazon! 
If you have a friend who loves taking pics I'm sure they would be more than glad to get this little toy as a gift! 

This post was just a quick short one, I don't want to blabber on because I could. I'm happy to share this with you and I hope this motivated you to buy one, if you don't have one, get one! You won't be disappointed :)

PS. I'll put up a few shots as soon as I get some!

xoxo   cycybeauty 
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