Sunday, December 15, 2013

my December party wardrobe ❤

Ready to party this December? I bet you are with Christmas and the New Year approaching as we speak, I'm getting my glam ready to rock the winter nights!

I have quite a couple of party dresses lined up in my closet ready to be worn and shown off.. the hard part is, which ones to wear?
First of all I think you girls should meet the dresses and heels, then let me know what you think... deal?! DEAL!

First off, I have this gorgeous all black sequin quarter sleeve mini dress from miss guided. It's a nice tight fit. I bought this early on this year or even last year at this time precisely, so i'm not sure if they still sell this dress, but i'm guessing they probably do! I mean come on, you can never get enough of all sequin dresses! I bought this dress for 30 euros.

Next I have this mind blowing sexy mesh dress at the front and open cradle back behind. Again, this dress is a nice tight fit, I nearly always go for tight fitted/bodycon dresses (I don't seem to suit flow-y dress because i'm quite thin).

 I bought this dress recently on lulus. My absolute favorite site - it has tones of dresses and gorgeous heels! This site requires a little visit! ;) I think I bought this dress for about 30-40$

I also have this chic tight cradle back red dress that I actually just got last week in the post! I'm so in love with this dress and I love red dresses, to be honest this is my first red dress! I'm actually saving this dress for a wedding next summer, but i'm wondering if I could already wear it before hand for Christmas? Anyways, I got this dress on tobis and just like lulus this site has thousands and thousands of dresses! I got 50% off my first buy on this dress and got it for 26$ !! Red seems to be the new craze at the moment so if you have nothing red I suggest buying a cute pair of red heels or a sexy elegant red dress. I recently bought myself a pair of red heels from miss guided for around 20 euros which isn't pricey at all and they are gorgeous!

I have a quite a selection to chose from for my heels to go with these dresses... I'm actually not too sure though which ones to wear due to the extremely cold weather here. But I think for a few freezing minutes outside it will definitely be worth the head turning indoors!

I have a high pair of peep toe black heels (1), strappy black high heels (2), red sandal heels (3) and black booties (4).


So that's all for now girls. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that you've found something on the sites I've shared with you :) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

xoxo     cycybeauty!
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