Friday, December 27, 2013

December Jewelry Box ❤

Girls, today i'll be sharing my bling with you! I love jewelry, I love everything that shines and catches my attention. I also love pastel colored jewelry but that's not what I have in line for you today. Scroll down to enter my December jewelry box and discover my day time jewelry to glam bam night time party bling!

1. Beautiful diamond panel - mirror effect - from Iam - Party time
I love this necklace this adds the little touch your LBD needs on a night out. This is perfect for any plain top you're going to wear and where a little bling is needed.

2. Gold and brown/taupe bubble necklace - from Iam - Day/evening time
Currently in love with this necklace! You can wear this with any outfit whether it's going to be a daytime look or a nice evening look out for dinner with your BFFs. I also suit this color really well, I just love these colors - taupe, brown, beige... ahhh! :)

3. Gold and brown chain head band - from Iam - day time - boho style - party time too
A cute little headband if you want to add a little touch to your head area! You can wear this in many different ways, just find the right one that suits you best. This is definitely a nice little feminine touch. It also gives quite the bohemian look!

4. Blue pearl long ear rings and blue pearl beads with blue bow necklace - from six - day time angelic look
Baby blue I love you! Baby blue is my color! It brings out the dark blue eyes I have and really brightens up my face. These ear rings are gorgeous! Whether you want to wear them during the day or at night. The necklace is adorable, perfect to give your cute light day look a bit of color.

5. Dangle black and gold long ear rings - from H&M - great for parties
These are a sexy pair of ear rings for a night out! Gold and black just goes so well together! I would definitely wear these for New year's or even a birthday party in the club.

That's all for now, I might add a few more things later on so keep coming back for more my beauties! Only if you wish though!

xoxo   cycybeauty!
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