Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 - FACT OF THE YEAR - #selfie2013

Hey girls, so I know this post is totally irrelevant to my blog, but I just thought I would share this with you all.

As you all know, smartphones play a huge role in our lives now. People seem to not be able to detach themselves from their phones. Why? That's all because our small little phones can let us do so much: connect with friends and relatives half way around the world, share pictures, read the news, listen to music and so much more. I won't keep on writing what our smartphones can do otherwise I'll be here forever!
The point is, we can do things with our phones we weren't able to 5 to 10 years ago! When I was younger I didn't have a smartphone, my first mobile phone didn't even have a camera and it was in black and white! I went outside to play with friends, I didn't stay in all day on facebook or instagram. Everything is changing each day and I honestly don't want to know how everything will be like in 20 years. It's kind of scary if you ask me.

The point of this post is, with all our smartphones having two sided cameras, people are taking more and more pictures constantly, whether it's a beautiful sandy beach in the Caribbean, a rainy day in London or your Caesar salad, people are also taking more and more pictures of themselves, with their loved one, friends, or family. So this year has been the year of the SELFIES!

Here is my selfie for 2013:

So girls...and boys if you're reading this, I am encouraging you to take a selfie and post it on your blog with title #selfie2013

Come and notify me when you've done that so I can come check it out and share it!
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THE SELFIE CHAIN STARTS HERE! - copyright by Lucy Fraser (

Good luck and see you all soon!

xoxo   cycybeauty
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