Sunday, January 26, 2014

My January Birchbox '14

Hello my beauties,

So back to beauty products today! I've received my January Birchbox in the post and here's what was inside, take a look:
I was actually very sceptical when first signing up to birchbox. I heard from some girls that Birchbox wasn't too good and others said it was excellent, so I said to myself: "what the heck" and gave it a go. My January Birchbox is indeed my first Birchbox and as a result I'm quite pleased although I was expecting more bits and bobs for my hair like hair bands or so on. Maybe next month I'll have better luck!

Here are my products in details:

1. Dr. Hauschka - Lemon lemongrass vitalising Bath essence It's quite hard to review this product, since I don't have a bath tub anymore (frowning). I really miss my bath tub and I loved taking baths especially with Lush's bath bombs! Oh well this one i'll have to save for when I'm on holiday in a hotel. What I can say though is that it smells so refreshing and lively. Spring in a bottle!

2. Delarom Paris - Acquaconfort mask. Smooth and light hydrating mask Nothing special, but It's always nice to have a face mask now and then. I'm actually quite pleased with this because I love treating my face to face masks, especially on sundays, plus this is a mini tube so it's great to test. I wouldn't buy this product simply because I love trying out new products. Yay me for samples!

3. Model co - Party proof matte lipstick in Red Velvet Wow great texture and vibrant color! This lipstick applys very very easily, which was kind of weird in the beginning. I'm used to applying lipsticks on a bit harder but this goes on so easily and smoothly you have to apply it very lightly. And even the lightest touch gives the max. color needed which is great! It kind of melts on your lips. I'm very happy with this product, i'm only a bit disappointed because it said I got two colors: Red Velvet and Get Naked but I never got Get Naked. Apart from that, great product.

4. Thermaliv - soft face scrub I love a nice face scrub and this product is just right. I wouldn't buy this in it's original format though, because as I said before hand I love trying out new products so the sample size suits me fine. I love a great face scrub, this really clears out your pores and gets rid of all impurities.

5. Beauty protector - Protect and Detangle leave in conditioner LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. This is by far the best product I received in my January Birchbox, I'll even give it the stamp of approval and the product of January Birchbox award. Smells so so nice I want to eat my hair. This little wonder instantly detangles, thermal protector, UV protector, seals cuticles, smoothes hair, locks in color, adds shine, weightless, non-greasy, conditions, for all hair types and to use daily. I would agree to everything and approve it. I would definitely buy this product in big! Only problem was in the beginning nothing would come out even if i pumped and pumped the spray so I detached the spray and sprayed it a few times in a glass of water till it worked, I then screwed it back on to the bottle and it worked perfectly!

6. Móa - the green balm A small cute tube of hydrayting cream. Smells good feels good and fits perfectly in your handbag. Cute little product for a quick creaming ( ok sounds wrong but you understand me). I wouldn't buy this product in big simply because ( as before) I love trying out new stuff.

There that's all for my January Birchbox. Hope you enjoyed reading this post and hopefully you've decided to join the Birchboxers! 

Good luck !!

kisses - 
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