Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#The white blazer and the zebra bag

Hello to you too! How are my beauties doing today? I hope everything is great and you're all busy blogging. Today I thought I would share another outfit post, yes another one. Now I know I was mainly going to blog about beauty, but right now I'm having a crush on fashion. I'll still be doing beauty posts and reviews, no worries, just I thought I would give that a break and post more about fashion. I did say that I was thinking about posting more outfit posts so here I am. I hope you'll all enjoy my outfit posts as much as my beauty ones.

Today I bought a new tripod mount for my phone and I was just so excited I wanted to take millions of outfit posts, but I thought maybe one a day should be best otherwise I'll get sick of it too soon. Hihi, I'm trying to make the excitement last ( even though it always will no matter what simply because I love to blog)!

My makeup routine in this picture is the same as always, same old, same old. So Bareminerals foundation and contour. I have my YSL vernis à Lèvres 01 violet edition on my lips. I used limit from Naked 3 as eyeshadow (in the crease line for depth) and Urban Decay's super curl mascara. I like to keep my makeup simple most of the time. I do go for dramatic though when I go out or for a special event.

Hope you like my pictures - I was actually pretty indecisive on whether I should wear my hair up or down, so I got a bit of both in pictures. Which ones did you prefer? With my hair up or down?

white blazer H&M - striped top New Yorker - black (fake) leather coated pants H&M - Zebra studded leather bag Zara - Black inbuilt wedge combo boots Pimkie - Sunglasses aviator Ray-Ban

Kisses -

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