Monday, January 20, 2014

just back from ST. Tropez!

Hey my fellow bloggers. I would first like to add a few words before starting this post. First of all I excuse myself for my short absence, I have been busy with university exams. Also, I would like to thank you all for your support even throughout my absence, it means a lot to me.

Now, back to blogging. I'm just so excited to write billions of new posts and I'm thinking about sharing some new outfit posts! I hope that you're all as excited as I am and you're all looking forward to my new posts.

Today I thought I would finally share something special. Nowadays everyone wants a nice glowing tan. If you live in europe, it's quite hard to acheive that healthy glowing look when it's dark and rainy for 5 months!! Lucky yous, who live in places where it's sunny all year round.
How many of you girls have tried billions of self bronzers/self tanners but have never been fully pleased or satisfied with the result? Me! Many times, until I finally got down to try the St. Tropez self tan mousse. 
One word: ADDICTED.

To set things straight this is how it is: I have pretty white skin, but I tan easily. I was looking for a self tan that gave me a glow and a proper tan look and not make me look orange. I hated those self tanners that left streaks or wouldn't even last a day. So I opted for Dark from St. Tropez. 
Because with light, you have to apply quite a few times before seeing any results as with dark you see it straight away. Instead of selftanning 5 times a week, with dark I only have to self tan 2 times a week. The second best thing about St. Tropez is that it doesn't leave you smelling like Indian food or something. (No offence to anyone, but that is the best described smell of the self tanners I can get). And third, the mousse is easy to apply and comes with a mit so your hands don't get all patchy and stained. With St. Topez I swear it's the closest I've ever come to for a natural beautiful fake tan.

My self tan routine:
  • ALWAYS exfoliate before applying any self tan lotion/mousse. This helps prevent getting those horrible patches when self tanning. Exfoliating gets rid of all the dead skin cells.
  • Moisturise elbows, knees, wrists and ankles. I like to moisturise my fingers, toes and in between them. Also moisturise any other area on your body which seems dry.
  • Shake your st. Tropez mousse before applying with your mitt.
  • key to good full coverage: go in long strikes and upward motion.
  • Apply two pumps for lower leg and two for upper. So 4 pumps per leg. After doing the bottom half go with the excess over your foot and ankles and don't forget to get in between your toes.
  • 2 pumps per arm starting with the top side of your arm first and then going under with the rest
  • Claw your hand like a cat and go with the rest of the mousse on top and in between your fingers
  • Then apply 5 pumps for the body. Divide it out a little, so do two pumps for stomach and lower back than two for top half. Then if you see a few gaps or you think you need more add a little pump.
  • After you've done all that, you can take a wet wipe and wipe your palms and in between your fingers. For safety, moisturize your wrists and in between your fingers again just to be sure to not get any patchy bits.

Now the hardest part is doing your back so if someone can do it for you great, if you're very flexible even better. But for those girls who are a bit like me and can't reach that small area behind you well we're doomed! We have to go around with a tan free back haha. 
Right now I don't mind too much because it's winter and no one will see my back, but I'm going to have to think of a way to get my back!!

Leave the mousse on for a least 4 hours before showering for a good result. For better results leave on longer. When you shower you'll see a brown colour wash out but don't worry your tan is still there. That's just the guide colour.

For longer maintain of your self tan remember to exfoliate regularly and moisturise!

First impressions:

  • Goes on very lightly
  • Blends easily
  • Look dirty in the beginning but after a few hours you'll look tanned
  • One application with st tropez dark already gives you a beautiful colour!
  • Doesn't smell in the beginning but throughout the day you do get a small smell of that typical self tan

Here you can see a difference between my neck (self tannend - 1 application) and my face (no makeup no selftan)

My legs - You can't see really well, I guess I should of taken pictures to show you a before and after. This is after one application. I'll take more pictures after a second to show you the difference.
If you take St. Tropez dark you will see a difference straight away. As with the light, you might need to apply a few times before getting an actual tanned look.

Which self tan do you girls use?

kisses cycybeauty!

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