Monday, December 23, 2013


Hello my lovelies, the title of this post says it all, yes that's right girls I finally got the naked 3 palette and I'm in love with it!

As a beauty blogger I am entitled to say that I have the Naked palette, Naked basic palette, I don't have the Naked 2 ( I'll explain why) and I now have Naked 3.

The reason why I didn't purchase Naked 2 was because I found that most of the eye shadows looked similar to the first one so I preferred going off and buying a palette from Dior. When Naked 3 came out I noticed the colors where much more rose like and I fell in love. I just had to get it. There's a lot of shimmer colors, rosy, bronze, nude, and darker shades of brown/gold.

Naked 3 is great for all sorts of occasions. You can create natural neutral looks, nice pink shimmer bronze looks for day time and sexy darker shimmer colors for the evening! It's just great. Soon I'll have a tutorial up on a Christmas eye shadow look for Christmas Day! So sit close as my post will be up soon!

I'm always looking for new colors and tend to go for the same ones such as bronze, gold, pink, shimmer colors, beige and brown but there's so many different shades there's never enough! :)

I'm counting on starting on MAC products next year so don't be surprised if you see billions and billions of posts on MAC.

On the picture to your left you can see an eye shadow look I did only using the naked palette 3. If you wish to have a tutorial on this actual look or you want to know which colors I used just say so girls.

If you still haven't found a present for your best friend, well, there's one more day of shopping left and I definitely recommend Naked 3. What could go wrong? Your BFF jumping up and down hysterically, suffocating you and smooching you? eh I think she'll be pretty excited! Why not even give each other a look on Christmas day!


xoxo cycybeauty
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