Thursday, December 19, 2013

My new rave ❤

Hello my lovelies! I have great news, well maybe not for you, but for me! I finally found a new, next perfume buy. I'm someone who likes to have different perfumes... And so I like having quite a few so I'm able to change.. Like seasons :)

So you're probably all wondering which one it is... At first I was into Ellie saab's perfume, but it wasn't a MUST, then I had a few testers of flower bomb, but that wasn't a MUST either. I didn't fall head over heels for it.

Today though, is the day I made my wonderful discovery, it was Nina Ricci's "Mademoiselle Ricci." Aaah it smells amazing! A nice light smell for the winter/spring! This perfume will be my next buy.

Right now I still have and use, because as I said before, I like to change:

Lancôme la vie est belle
YSL manifesto
Dior miss Dior 
Chloé (the green one)
Marc Jacobs daisy
Jennifer Lopez
Hermes un Jardin sur le nil
Ralph Lauren hot

Those are my current perfumes and yes I use them all believe it or not!!

So girls if you're looking for a new perfume you can try those in my list above if you do not know them and the Nina Ricci one :)

Good luck!

Xoxo   cycybeauty
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