Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mum do you have some hands are so dry! ❤

Do your hands get really dry in winter? Mine do and I just hate the feeling of dry hands. Not to add that not only my hands dry out but my face too. This is why I've created this post just for you. I will be sharing my favorite moisturizers and hand creams that I use daily throughout the dry cold winter.

Now I know that this brand is french (founded and created in France) and I think it only sells in Europe, so I don't know if any of my bloggers from the US can find this brand there... I don't recollect in seeing any when I was over but if not you can always order online. My magical wonder is L'OCCITANE.

L'occitane uses natural ingredients, comes in many different perfumes and not only do they make hand creams, but they also produce body creams, hair products, soaps, bath products, face masks and care (hydration), lip balms, perfume, after shave for men and moisturizing creams. They basically have everything in that direction.

My mother loves the soaps because they're just so smooth to the skin and smell great! I love the hand creams because they too just give off  a nice smell, they leave your hands silky smooth and protects them from the cold :) Which is just great for in winter, even if you have dry hands all year round it does the job just fine. This is also a great gift, you can buy soaps and creams in a gift basket, nicely wrapped and everything, ready to make your girls happy and smell wonderful.

My first buy was the lavender scented hand cream which I bought last year and I've already finished it. I use it all year round but more in winter! One tube of 30ml costs around 7.40 euros in pounds that is 6.24£ and in US dollars it is 10.16$. Now I know it can be pretty pricey for those of you who don't really like spending much on cream, but I can assure you that it's definitely worth it!

Just yesterday I bought a box of three tubes of 30ml at a price of 22 euros. It came with "cherry blossom" which smells delicious I just want to eat my hand, "acacia" also smells amazing and  a neutral one.

*(I already opened my box so this is a picture from the l'occitane site - this is exactly what I bought)

My lovelies, if you're looking for a new hand cream with a delicious smell and protects your hands thoroughly, l'occitane is the brand for you! I hope you enjoyed this post :) thank you for your patience and time!

xoxo cycybeauty
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