Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A New Beginning!

Hey girls,

I would like to start off by saying: welcome to my blog!!!
I've created this blog to express my opinions, reviews and tips&tricks on all sort of beauty products. I have no clue how successful this blog is going to be, but I really hope this will lead to something big.

I've decided to create a blog on beauty products just because I  LOVE everything that is makeup, skin care, perfume, hair products and everything that comes along with it. I just can't resist buying new products and constantly trying out new brands. If you're a girl like me, I think we're going to get on very well together and you're going to adore this blog (hopefully).

First things first, I am a med student and my timetable can be pretty hectic, so finding some spare time to write a few posts will be a challenge but I promise I will be updating my blog daily (or almost)! The reason why I created this blog is because I did find myself having some free time and I just felt motivated to write reviews as well as do tutorials on beauty products.

Please, please, please read through my posts and if you enjoy them why not share them with your girlfriends! If you too are a blogger and would love me to pop by, then I advise you to leave your link below and I will definitely pass by... who knows, I might even follow you!

Thanks for your patience and support. Do come by as soon as you can for juicy gossip on your new beauty products! Good luck and have fun!

xoxo   cycybeauty

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